Why Marry?

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Why Marry?

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dramatic recording of Why Marry? by Jesse Lynch Williams.

Why Marry? is a comedy, which “tells the truth about marriage”. We find a family in the throes of proving the morality of marriage to a New Age Woman. Can the family defend marriage to this self-supporting girl? Will she be convinced that marriage is the ultimate sacredness of a relationship or will she hold to her perception that marriage is the basis of separating two lovers.

“Why Marry?” won the first Pulitzer Prize for Drama. (Summary by Linette Geisel)

Narrator- Elizabeth Klett

Jesse Lynch Williams –
A most estimable lady –
Bachelor’s niece –
JEAN, the host’s younger sister, who has been brought up to be married and nothing else –
REX, an unmarried neighbor, who has not been brought up to be anything but rich –
LUCY, the hostess, who is trying her best to be “just an old-fashioned wife” in a new-fashioned home –
UNCLE EVERETT, a Judge, who belongs to the older generation and yet understands the new—and believes in divorce –
COUSIN THEODORE, a clergyman and yet a human being, who believes in everything—except divorce –
JOHN, who owns the house and almost every one in it—and does not believe in divorce –
HELEN, the host’s other sister, whom every one wants to marry, but who doesn’t want to marry any one –
ERNEST, a scientist, who believes in neither divorce nor marriage but makes a great discovery –

Audio edited by Linette Geisel

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