The Narrative of Sojourner Truth (version 2)

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The Narrative of Sojourner Truth (version 2)

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recording of The Narrative of Sojourner Truth (version 2) by Olive Gilbert; Sojourner Truth.
Read in English by Holly Jenson
Sojourner Truth (born Isabella Baumfree) was born into slavery in 1797 (or thereabouts) in Swartekill, Ulster County, New York. This narrative, as told by Sojourner Truth to her friend Olive Gilbert, recounts to the best of her recollection what she and her family endured while they were the legal property of other human beings. These life experiences served as the catalysts for her becoming, in her later years, an outspoken abolutionist and women’s rights activist. Her forgiving attitude toward those who once treated her and her loved ones with such cruelty is an example for all who would aspire to heal and move on from traumatizing life experiences. The voice of Olive Gilbert comes through in this narrative, and together, she and Sojourner Truth build a compelling case against slavery. – Summary by Holly Jenson
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