First World War Centenary Prose Collection Vol. II

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First World War Centenary Prose Collection Vol. II

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recording of First World War Centenary Prose Collection Vol. II.

Read in English by Philip Panos; Beth Thomas; chocmuse; Maria Kasper; Mary in Arkansas; Scott Danneker; Rachel; Chris Pyle; NoelBadrian; Winston Tharp; Ruth Golding; Aaron Walsh; Tony Addison; Son of the Exiles; MaryAnnS.

Read in German by Availle; Julia Niedermaier; DomBombadil; Herman Roskams.

Read in French by Herman Roskams.

This collection of non-fiction and fiction pieces is the second volume commemorating the First World War. The majority of the items, all chosen by the readers, are in English, but the collection also includes pieces in French and German.

Please note that some works are still protected by copyright in countries which observe copyright laws based on the author’s date of death. For more information about each piece, please see (PDF format), which also shows the authors’ dates of death. (Summary by Ruth Golding).

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