The Spook Ballads

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The Spook Ballads

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recording of The Spook Ballads by William Theodore Parkes.
Read in English by Larry Wilson; Diana Schmidt; Lynda Marie Neilson; Nemo; ReaganRecordings; ToddHW; GentleJim; Kalynda; Julena Goodell; RecordingPerson; Patrick Saville; Angadeon; LibriSkub; Queen Tiffany Rose
This is a volume of ghost stories in verse by William Theodore Parkes. The poems in this volume are often humorous, and written in a parody of ye olde style of poetry.
“Dealing largely with ghosts and legends embracing a dash of diablerie such as would have been dear to the heart of Ingoldsby. There is a rugged force in ‘The Girl of Castlebar’ that will always make it tell in recitation; and even greater success in this direction has attended ‘The Fairy Queen,’ a story unveiling the seamy side, with quaint humour and stern realism. It is specially worthy of note that Mr. Parkes’s skill in versification has received the warmest acknowledgment from those best qualified to appreciate the bright local coloring as well as the blending of fancy and fun.”— Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper. – Summary by Carolin
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