Svart1 – Silentium est Aureum (ca101)

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Svart1 – Silentium est Aureum (ca101)

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The minimal, mimetic, unsual noises of the nature, and the animal world digitally used are the last release of Svart1 (Raimondo Gaviano). Unmistakable sounds, least atmospheres, sonorous landscapes that pass among thousand colors. The border of the pleasures of small beings that gained “on live” from Svart1 strange meetings become between thousand suspects and a royal demand of comparison. “Schleiereule” it is the only song that also starting from the sounds of the nature has also been realized for Inge; Project of Anticamedea (photos and videos) and Svart1 (sounds and videos).

Video 1: Photos Alice Angeletti (Anticamedea);
Sounds Raimondo Gaviano (Svart1)

Video 2: Photos Alice Angeletti (Anticamedea);
Sounds Raimondo Gaviano (Svart1)

Registered in Cagliari and Berlin from August to November 2007.

Photos Alice Angeletti.



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