Gill de la tourette – “Antarctica” (ca080)

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Gill de la tourette – “Antarctica” (ca080)

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“Antarctica” is a concept CD dedicated to the experimental pioneers who discovered and explored Antarctica…The first impressions of an untouched mighty new land. Extremely circumctances, neverending icy winds, random noisy silence, white absolute monochrome landscapes, hunger, cold, no daylight in winter, the suffering, tiredness and isolation…

Steven Tevels aka Gill de la tourette is a contemporary soundartist, born at Brussels, Belgium. His work can been described as an ambient crossover between minimal classical sounds and moody abstract harshnoise. Focused on exploring the intersections of resonated melodys, deep dissonances and noisy structures. An audiosonic story, a melodic journey through a world of dissected and strangely reassembled tones. On first listens, these soundscapes could easily sound like a
stuttering mess, but give it time and the stutters become a string orchestra and the glitches become the delicate sound of a glockenspiel…


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