2018-12-17 NSPRM – Proclus – Theology of Plato (Book 2, Chap 8) – Where to Put the First God

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2018-12-17 NSPRM – Proclus – Theology of Plato (Book 2, Chap 8) – Where to Put the First God

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Pierre leads the Noetic Society Parmenides study group through another morning of study. Lately we’ve been taking a break from the Parmenides, going through Proclus’ Theology of Plato(*) instead, in order to see how Proclus lays out the 14 orders of gods implied in the Parmenides.


Pierre, Barbara, Regina, JulieH, Eldar, David


(Laws 11: We will postpone this until next time.)

  • Does Proclus cite Laws 11 as something important? We should be able to look it up and make a judgement of how well he is reading.
  • Looking for references (in ToP) to Plato’s Laws.
  • ToP, Book 1, Chap 13 references the Laws (around p. 82-84)
  • 0:18:25 PG reads around 921c (Laws), then (20d
  • 0:26:25 — go to Book 2 Chap 8
  • Para 1: Is the “1st King” of the triads what he just described? or below what he just described?
  • And how does it fit with “the 3 kings”?
  • Para 2: 1st above the monads? Another category necessary? (Then we would have another division.)
  • DC: Proclus wants it both ways: He wants the 1st god to transcend all other gods. Yet he wants it to be the leader of (and thus a part of) a triad.
  • “Comprehension”
  • He (“first King”) is the cause of all beautiful (things); all things are for his sake; all things are about him.
  • The monad is a leader of each order. (Orders of what?)
  • Para 3 – 0:54:05
  • No word for “thing” in ancient Greek. So “first things” ≅ “firsts”, “whole of things” ≅ “wholes”, etc.
  • Para 4 — 1:01:25
  • A “unical god” — PG: this comes close to the One Self.
  • Para 5 — 1:09:05
  • 1:17:25 — end of reading chapter 8
  • PG suggests that when we read, we pull out the key ideas of each chapter and focus (only) on these key ideas so that we don’t have to read (and ostensibly get bogged down in) the whole thing and its details (and “IOU’s”)
  • So read Book 2, chapters 9, 10, and 11 for next time.
  • 1:19:10 — Pierre starts reading in chapter 9, to give us a peek preview

More Info

  • (*) Proclus’ Theology of Plato (Thomas Taylor translation): Volume Eight in the Thomas Taylor series, ISBN-10: 978-1898910-077, as published by Prometheus Trust and here on archive.org.
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