2018-10-08 NSPRM – Proclus – Theology of Plato (Book 1 Chaps 27, 28) – He Could Restructure This

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2018-10-08 NSPRM – Proclus – Theology of Plato (Book 1 Chaps 27, 28) – He Could Restructure This

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Dialogue(s): theology-of-plato
Chapters: book01;chap27;chap28
Attendees: Pierre, David, Barbara, Eldar, Yoni, JulieH


Pierre leads the NS morning Parmenides study group through more reading of Proclus’ Theology of Plato(*). This morning we read Book 1, Chapters 18, 27, and 28.

(From Barbara:)

There was a bit of talk about copies of a 10-page scan I handed out. I’d gone through the chapters 25-29 (the end of Book I. And noted in the English where the “self/selves” were and highlighted them. I’m including the scans but JH also has a copy at her house that can be used for copies. The bad news is that somehow the 10 scans didn’t “batch” so they’re individual and may, therefore, be useless to have on the archive.

A few mist-understandings about where we were took place: But we started with Chapter 18 to see how Proclus uses but doesn’t have the logos for “condition”.

Then we went to Chapter 27, the second paragraph. An interesting question was posed and pursued to a degree by Pierre. “What is behind Proclus’ use of Triads?”

We went through it and a few lines of Chapter 28 It was at this point Pierre went to the board to give us a model of Paternal versus Maternal causation.

Then we were done, but I shut off the audio (a pathologos of mine came up) and told a story of the ruins of Pompeii–when they discovered the shapes of bodies covered by ash. They were able to fill the hollows left behind with plaster and show their stance, their activity when they died from fumes. I saw the photo so many years ago but it has always stayed with me. It showed a mother on her side curved protectively around and holding her child, then around the mother and child the father embraced protectively both, the family was unified by him. So I made the point that this showed the difference in nature (yes, yes, arguably in nurture) between the focus of the father and the mother. That occasioned a further bit of dialogue which I turned on the tape for.

Paraphrase from Pierre:

Proclus could restructure this work: Instead of making rational his metaphysics highest to lowest, etc etc, he could organize it in terms of the way the primary ideas exhibit themselves and what principle form of order it takes? (the triadic)

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  • (*) Proclus’ Theology of Plato (Thomas Taylor translation): Volume Eight in the Thomas Taylor series, ISBN-10: 978-1898910-077, as published by Prometheus Trust and here on archive.org.
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