2015-08-26 NSPRM 8th – Hierarchy

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2015-08-26 NSPRM 8th – Hierarchy

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Dialogue(s): parmenides
Chapters: hyp8
Attendees: Pierre, Barbara, Regina, David, Sayon, JeffS

there are no Stephanus numbers listed in the title or description here because we did not read today — only discussed the work as a whole.

how can you judge whether there is anything significant going on?
how can you say that any of the propositions are in any sense better than the other?
is it possible that they have an arrangement (order, hierarchy) that is meaningful?
but even if it is meaningful, does that mean it is worthwhile reading?

what is the necessity for the 8th hypothesis of the conclusions drawn from the previous hypotheses?

why does he give a conclusion, and then return to part out the conclusion?

what is the necessity for the specific categories that are brought forward for each succeeding hypothesis?

hyp8 could not be made internally: it needs elements of prior propositions (from hyp2 and hyp3) which are not derivable within the 8th

he (plato, parmenides) assumes there can be a rational viewpoint within 8, which is not consistent with the 8th, and therefore is it possible that we can identify where those points of view are? (hyp2: whole, part, beginning, middle, end, other)

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